Welcome to Urban Supply Inc

Urban Supply started as a local mom and pop shop until we decided to expand our horizons. Urban Supply Inc is now a certified retailer across the US and we work and partner with brands that will give you the best possible experience we can.

Our sales representatives are driven, dedicated & super willing to helping you find the products you are looking for. We have a variety of categories in our catalog so don't be afraid to shop around! 

Here at Urban Supply, we have a team that is dedicated to answering any specific questions you may have on assembly warranty and product benefits & features. We know our product catalogs inside and out and we have special connections with our manufacturers in case you have special inquiries you may have. 

Our Commitment To You:

Customer Service - We are devoted to giving you a customer-centric experience that can provide the customer experience you are looking for. We have an email-support system as well as phone call service ready to handle any inquiries you may have.

Price Match Guarantee - Here at Urban Supply, we want to make sure you get the best prices available. If you find any other retailer that has a lower price than our advertising price, simply give us a call or email us and we'll price match that store! 

Special Question, Special Service - If you have any special questions that may need us to go above and beyond, we have built long-lasting relationships with the brands we carry and can certainly answer any inquiries you may have. Simply give us a call, or email us and we will do our best to respond to you with the answer you are looking for.