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Wexstar Plug-In Thermostat for Space Heaters

Wexstar Plug-In Thermostat for Space Heaters

Wexstar Plug-In Thermostat for Space Heaters

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Control the Temperature and Save Money

The Plug-In Thermostat allows you to automatically control the temperature of the room when plugged in with space heaters, fans and even air conditioners. Simply choose the temperature you desire. And the Plug-in Thermostat  will turn any plugged device on / off automatically to reach the preferred temperature.​   ​

  • Select Heat/Cool mode with an easy to use switch.
  • Easy to operate and simple plugs into a standard socket for DIY installation.
  • No Batteries necessary.
  • Select the desired comfortable temperature by a temperature selection dial.
  • Allows any device plugged in to be easily turned ON / OFF via power switch.
  • Temperature control range: 41 ~ 86 °F ( 5~30 °C )
  • Temperature accuracy + / - 3.6 °F ( 2 °C ) max
  • Designed with a highly accurate negative temperature coefficient sensor with high performance electronic control circuit to provide accurate temperature switching control.
  • Perfect for Wexstar and Amaze heaters, offer no restriction to other products.
  • Made with highly accurate NTC Thermistor couples with a high performance control circuit for optimal accuracy.


Operative Voltage:125 V Ac / 60 Hz
Switch rating: 125v Max
15 A Resistive / (1875W)
9A Inductive


thermostat for space heaters
thermostat for air conditioners

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