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Ultrasonic Dog Bark Stopper Leash

Ultrasonic Dog Bark Stopper Leash

Ultrasonic Dog Bark Stopper Leash

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Prevent Your Dog From Misbehaving With This Ultrasonic Bark Stopper

Dogs bark, it is a fact and this dog bark stopper will help you to deal with that. Expecting them to never bark is the same as expecting people to never speak. However, not all barking is cute and appropriate, it would not be easy to find a person who enjoys when dogs do that excessively. This ultrasonic dog bark stopper is an excellent device which uses different approaches to distract your dog and allow you to correct its unwanted behavior. This best dog bark stopper does actually fit in your pocket and brings instant results.

Key Features:

  • This bark stopper mild electric shock, ultrasonic, voice control, small, medium and large intensity adjustment makes it the best bark stopper in the market
  • It can also help to train your dogs to stop unwanted behaviors, such as digging, eating something dirty or fighting
  • This product is available in a variety of colors, silver, black, local gold
  • The product uses a USB charging plug and a built-in microphone trigger


Model: XY-G007
Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) + nylon
Color: golden , black
Collar size: 6.5x4x2.5cm / 2.55 "x1.57" x0.98 "Braid
length: 6cm ~ 35cm / 2.36" ~ 13.77 "(for all dogs)
Waterproof: IP65
Battery: 300mA lithium battery
Time charging time: 5-8 hours
Working time: 40 minutes

Package Content:
1x Dog Collar
1x USB Cable
1x neon high voltage for testing
1x User Manual


  1. - Use a continuous increase in the humane to stop the dog.
  2. - Ultrasonic emission function can gently affect the dog. The harsh buzzer sounds to stimulate the dog to stop calling.
  3. - Some dogs are effective in 7-14 days, and most dogs will have an effect in 4-6 weeks. A small number of dog breeds take longer to get used to. It can't be changed. It can only be replaced by another habit.
  4. - Some dogs are more stubborn, and the effect may not be obvious. Use the electric shock weak function.


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