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RGB Waterproof Gaming Mouse Pad

RGB Waterproof Gaming Mouse Pad

RGB Waterproof Gaming Mouse Pad

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Best Gaming Mouse Pad For The Best Gaming Experience

The gaming mouse pad is usually the most overlooked component in your whole gaming setup, but it can be a crucial part of the setup for your beastly gaming PC. This rgb mouse pad is more than just a basic surface to help mice move around on these days.This big mouse pad offers pinpoint control and awesome aesthetics, no matter what surface you prefer. Designed with superfine fiber braided material, 6 lighting modes, with a micro-textured, smooth surface and precise navigation this large mouse pad takes your gaming experience to the top level.

Key Features:

  • Designed by gamers, great for gaming/office work
  • This gaming mousepad is large enough to accommodate both the mouse and keyboard
  • The thick smooth surface fabric padding of this mouse mat allows optimum speed and precise control during play
  • Premium design; Features non-slip rubber base, this pad will not slip during use
  • Extremely comfortable with the mouse, eliminates uneven surfaces. Suitable for large keyboards

  1. The mouse pad is made of rubber, it is flexible, so the size will be affected by the outside temperature and the environment, the deviation of 1-1.5cm is normal
  2. It is a cloth surface, it is too difficult to print all over the country like the world map on the cloth surface, so a little country will simplify
  3. About the RGB version, the main light source was near the left side, the brightness will be weakened by moving away from the light source, so the left side is a bit brighter than the right side
  4. Only Support windows



Material: Fabric
Package Size: 350 x 350 x 120 mm
Weight: 937.00-2741.00g

The thickness of the non-RGB Version: 2mm
Thickness of the RGB Version: 4mm

Color: black world map


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gaming mouse pad
gaming mousepad
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